May your DAW be with you!

The easiest solution to develop your beloved tracks into something bigger.

Did you ever wanted an assistant in your studio for  the more tedious jobs like recording one track after another into your DAW?

Underbridge-pro is a desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac that works with the following devices: 

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Record eight seperate wave tracks and midi files in one go. Single or multiple pattern in project mode.

  • Accelerated transition to DAW for mixing.
  • Quickly disable any midi - or audio effecttracks at once.
  • Quickly record multiple takes with or without inbuilt audio -  or  midieffects.
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Elektron Model: Cycles

Record six  seperate wave tracks and midi files in one go. Single or multiple pattern in project mode.

  • Accelerated transition to DAW for mixing.
  • Record a complete project within one BPM tempo across one bank
  • Comfortly browse through your patches within the app

(same for Model: Samples)

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  Record multiple tracks automatically into folders with a single stereo line in or via USB Audio


Record your MIDI notes simultaneously and finalize your composition in your DAW!


Open to add and share your own machines (soon)


Expand your audio interface with unlimited channels through automatic sequential recording



Groovebox -> Interface or USB -> UNDERBRIDGE -> Wave Files and MIDI -> DAW


Update 1.1


Works with most class compliant audio devices. You can use integrated USB audio or your interface to capture any insert effects like compressors.

Set up

Define name, bpm, length of the pattern, number of tracks to record a pattern or a whole project (available on supporting devices). 


Check your waves after recording


Add your own devices to your database. (In development)

Ability to change pattern and mute track needs to be available in your device via Midi CC.

Tutorials coming soon!

underbridge classic

The classic version for OP-Z with audio only.
Open Source




underbridge pro

The enhanced version as described on this site.
- Record Audio and MIDI simultaneous
- Support for Model: Samples and Model: Cycles
- Flexible Audio Path selection
- Waveform check
- Device Editor
- New Graphical User Interface based on QT
- Active Development

Available for Windows, Mac* and Linux.

You can preview the program here. Recording is locked but you can look around and decide if it fits your needs.

Please note:

*Confirmed working on Intel based macOS 11(minimum required). On M1 macs a workaround is required to gain access to the hardware currently.

The activation is a one time offline activation and not limited to any number of workplaces or activations. It may take up to 12 minutes until you receive your E-mail containing the serial. If you haven´t received it within this time frame feel free to contact me. Please also check your spam folders as it is send from a private mail server. Hotmail adresses might take longer as I've  to manually send them. Thank you for your patience! :)


Contact me if you got any difficulties

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